aka No-No

  • I live in A place where Death likes to associate itself with whomever is foolishly audacious to confront it.
  • I was born on January 30
  • My occupation is Procrastinating, Writing, Drawing, Creating, Repeat.
  • I am Male. Point?
  • Noahc2015

    Hi. It's Noah, again.

    I know all my other roleplays have flushed down the drain (mostly because of the mountains of schoolwork and others obstacles I had to attend to), but this time, I'm going to make a big enough roleplay, one that I will try to build on horror, mystery, and excitement. If you want to know what kind of storyline it'll be coming off on, read the description to get an idea of what you'll be facing in the story:

    I'll be awaiting for questions and all that. Plus, which I almost forgot to tell you all, of course it will be a free-to-join.

    See you all soon, because I've gotta "split"!

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