I'm not sure if you noticed Lauren's page, but it's rather nice if you did notice. I guess it's time for me to tell you how I came up with her.

While I never played Five Nights at Candy's (but did look at the wiki and such), I had this idea of Marilyn Schmidt (the character we play as in FNAC 2) having a childhood friend who accompanied her to the abandoned factory.

That idea resulted in Lauren Fitzgerald. When I came up with her, her name was originally Jenna.

From her surname, I quickly figured out she was to be Jeremy's daughter. Yes, she's the daughter of the guard we play as for the first six nights (he's replaced by Fritz Smith for Night 7) of FNAF 2.

Before you ask, yes. She has a mother; her name is Maxine. Anyway, back to the story.

At some point, I grew bored with her name, so I decided to change it to Lauren. Her being Marilyn's childhood friend and such remains the same, though.

Why did I come up with her? Well, I always thought that the Fitzgerald family should have been involved in the FNAC story in some capacity.

I suppose I should say that's how I came up with Lauren. I do hope you like her. I'll be disappointed if you didn't.

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