This roleplay is a reboot of an unfortunately-cancelled story Kirby and I once wrote. So enjoy, as much as one can enjoy the horror and mystery genres.



  • If you want, you can swear in the roleplay. Just don't swear like a maniac. >:
  • No inappropriate actions toward others, please.
  • The important, most obivous rules are no godmodding and certainly no powerplaying.


  • Chica Nunnally
  • WaterKirby1994


Chica's CharactersEdit

  • Akimika Minami/Ruriko Tanaka
  • Tessa Bellamy
  • Lucia Brilliare
  • Sakura Rose

Kirby's CharactersEdit

  • Yume Paradisia
  • Nekutai Yukimora
  • Kana Lunari
  • Mercury the Mermaid Angel


  • Kagerus the Lucid Dream


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