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Leliel is evil, however she normally hides this, using the alias Cerubiel to perform evil acts for her enjoyment. She would often play in abandoned alternate universes, where she would take delight in destroying cities. She enjoys killing people & has caused human extinction in 2 universes.


Born from Artemis as the manifestation of her viciousness using blood from the Titan Hyperion in 300 AD. After Team Yume kills her, Ramiel reincarnates her into the city she had just destroyed.

Dark Program restores her so that she can spread terror again for him, however she would be easily defeated.


Human Form: Leliel is capable of using photokinesis in this form, which she uses to create a bow & arrows of light. She also has a staff capable of creating small tremors & large ocean waves. She usually wears a white blouse with a pleated skirt in this form.

Titan Form: Cerubiel stands roughly 32 meters tall in this form, with a weight of 400,000 pounds. Her skin turns crimson red, while her eyes glow pink in this form. Each of her steps is an earthquake of 5.0 on the Richter Scale, & when jumping she creates a massive 7.2 quake upon landing. She has the strength to throw automobiles more than 5 Kilometers. She wears a ripped skirt in this form to reveal her true personality.

Squid Shark Form: This form is notable for possessing 12 massive tentacles that can grab objects by wrapping around them, as well as several smaller tentacles which provide land movement for this form's massive body. The body resembles a great white shark. Despite it's large size this is Leliel's slowest form on land relying mostly on its tentacles. This form weighs 80,000 pounds.

Giant Canine Form: Weighing 320,000 pounds, this vicious dog form's bark produces shockwaves powerful enough to blast vehicles into her enemies & shatter all glass within 180 meters of the direction she faces. Cerubiel is killed in this form by Cerah May using telekinesis to force an oil truck into her jaws, then Ramiel blasting it with lightning.


  • The name she was born with means Divine Jaws
  • Her human form is her only form that is capable of flight
  • She has likely killed more than 20 Billion people across 12 combined universes