Referred to by several names the DarkProgram is the entity that desires to wreak havoc on lesser worlds & is Yume's most powerful enemy. While usually operating behind the scenes, DarkProgram has at least watched most of Yume's fights.

True FormEdit

The Preserver of Disorder is notable for hacking into lesser planes of existence, & is known for its cruelty. This Vicious Hacker was notable for managing to reprogram Solaris to make it more like itself.

Dark AvatarEdit

The Dark Avatar is the physical body that the DarkProgram created for itself to use in lesser planes of existence.


Solaris, & More Coming Soon!

Notable PawnsEdit

Coming Soon!


This villain is based on Naraku from the Inuyasha Series, Yami Bakura from Yugioh, & The Black Guardian from Doctor Who.

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